Friday, May 27, 2011

Waiting on One More Thing So We Can Begin Waiting

Does that sound strange?

Most of the adoption process here at home is waiting and then waiting some more. Which is followed up by a good old fashioned dose of waiting.

Right now we are waiting for one more document for our dossier. Given that it is coming from the federal government it doesn't surprise us that its the last one we need and even though we are told every other day its should be done in a day, here we are still waiting.
Once that document is here we will be shipping our dossier off to Colorado and wait while the adoption agency goes over it with a fine tooth comb and translates it into French/creole.

When they are done they ship it off to Haiti and the real waiting begins!!! This last wait will be one of the hardest to do. There is no time line, no numbers to call and check, just time going by, day by day.

But each day will be a day to lift up our prayers to God. Each day, no matter how many go by, will be one day closer to bringing her home. We will fill them with faith in God's word and hope is the day we receive the words "you've been approved."

Until then we wait.

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