Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Birthday

Today is Nephtali's Birthday. Our little girl turns six. Today she will go to school. Today she will eat one or two meals of beans and rice. Today she might bathe in a bucket of water. Today she might run barefoot in the dusty field. There will be no balloons, no cake, or brightly colored wrapping paper hiding some surprise gift. No party or shouts of "Happy Birthday", at least not Haiti.

Today, as we miss our little girl, we will celebrate. We will shout with joy for the day she was born. Thanking God for knitting her in her mothers womb. Thanking God for His provisions that saved her life the day she was brought to the orphanage. Praising His goodness for giving her these six years. Thanking Him for her smile , her giggle, and her precious little voice that fills our hearts with such joy.

Maybe we'll play some praise music and dance in our home. She will surround us as we dance. She is here in the collages of our family. She is here on our fridge in crayon drawings she drew for me and sent home with her papa Erin. She is here in the drawings her sister Ivy has made of them hugging and playing. She is here as her little brother prays each night "help Nephtali come home soon".

Even though she is miles away in Haiti, she is here in our home. These things don't help shorten the distance but in some small way she is here and I am praying she feels our love and the joy we feel celebrating our beautiful six-year-old daughter.

Happy Birthday, Nephtali

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