Saturday, May 21, 2011

Growing Up in Pictures

Nephtali, age 3

Nephtali,  age 6

Being a mom or a dad watching your child reach the various milestones in their life is an experience that fills you with so much pride you feel like you will burst. Every little thing brings joy to your heart, even on those days when its comes after the messes are cleaned up and the sun is going down.

Plain and simple... it hurts to know our little is growing up. And for us she is growing up in pictures. 

So far she has grown up...

Without a dad to wrap his strong arms around her when her belly hurts.
Without a mom to kiss her boo-boos.
Without a dad to hold her tight when bad dreams come in the night.
Without a mom to fix her hair and tell her she is a beautiful young lady.
Without a dad to ask for a dance when she hears music made for a princess.
Without a mom to whom she can run when she is proud of a drawing she has done.
Without a dad to sneak her a treat just before dinner because she batted her big brown eyes.

And she's not the only one who's missed out. So far, we've...

Missed her first steps.
Missed potty training.
Missed her first twirl in a pretty dress.
Missed her first day of school.

And even though we get closer each day I can't help but stop and wonder ....

Will we miss her first loose tooth?
Will we miss her learning to read?
Will we miss the day she decides she is a "big girl" now?

Its so hard having your baby grow up in pictures. But through it all there is one thing that doesn't change...


Though she doesn't have a mommy or daddy with her there in Haiti, she has a mommy and a daddy here. Praying for her, fighting for her, loving her with each heart beat, each moment of each day.

And even though we have missed so much, and might miss even more, these things are happening and that means she is growing each day. Growing stronger, smarter, closer to our arms each day.

And when she is here in our home, in our arms, we can look forward to experiencing... together...

Her first sleep in a home all her own
Her first family photo
Her first family dinner
Her first taste of Brussels sprouts or Lima beans
Her first spat with a sibling
Her first real birthday party
Her first time to a zoo or park
Her excepting Christ as her Savior
Her first time driving
Her graduation
Her first love
Her marriage
Her first child

,,,and so so much more when our family is whole and she grows up in our arms along with our hearts instead of just pictures.

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  1. WHEW that broke my heart!!!

    Have you considered an online auction like tammy did? You get a bunch of people who make things and auction them off.

    You could easily ask all your online friends to donate something. (Just have them keep it at their house and mail to the winner.) But you could also ask people on Etsy who you've bought from. It could also be local businesses. Online stores might even donate a product or gift certificate.

    I know the garage sale was great but for anyone who didnt live near you, they couldnt help. You know?

    We'll get you there!