Monday, May 16, 2011

Blessing and a Third Grade Hug

It's amazing how God provides! Throughout the last few weeks we were meeting up with friends and picking up their donations for the garage sale adoption fundraiser. Before the sun rose we were out setting up and if you know our family we do not like to do anything early in the AM. But our hearts were happy as we through on some warm clothes and got ready. The morning was slow but when the sun finally poked its lazy head out and warmed the air it brought the people we needed.

It was so wonderful to meet so many people who's lives have been touched by adoption and so many kind souls here in Topeka. What a great community our little girl is going to be coming home to. One little boy really touched our hearts that day and Jeremiah if your family reads this they can let you know Nephtali will know you helped, because we will never forget that you helped. You brightened our day and lifted our hearts as we watched your joy overflow and you also gave one awesome third grade hug!

As the afternoon started to draw to a close and evening snuck around the corner I had to stop and take in everything. God used a few fish and some loaves and gave us a banquet that fed a great need and there was still left overs for the next time.

Thank you everyone for your generosity. Thank you for your donations of items, your time, you funds, your stories, and your smiles. Through this day, filled so many blessings, we were able to raise a third of the lawyers fees.

Everything that was left over has been tucked away and along with donations of more items that have already been offered we will have another go of it in a couple weeks and see how close we can get to covering the rest of the lawyers fees.

Again thank you, thank you for helping us bring Nephtali home.

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