Friday, April 26, 2013

Giving Page & Airfare

We've had a few people ask about how to donate to help us raise the funds needed to fly to Haiti and bring Nephtali home. We have updated our giving page on the right to reflect what our current needs are. We've also posted a video we made a little while ago, Our Promise to our Butterfly, on the giving page. To view it, just click the play button on the "then and now" picture of Nephtali.

Some of you have also asked when are we going to bring her home. We do not have an exact date yet; but it will be very soon. Once we get the final approval from the US government, which is expected in a few weeks, we will be given a date for Nephtali's Visa appointment. Her Visa will be ready for pick-up a couple days after her appointment. Once we have this date we will be buying tickets and flying from KS to Haiti, where we will need to stay for a few days. It could be more if there is an issue with the any final documents. This has happened to a few families and adds a couple days to the stay.

During our time there we will be giving Nephtali the time she needs to say good-bye to her orphanage family and throw something of a going away party to celebrate her leaving to join her forever family. Then, when all the documents are in order and we are ready, the three of us will fly HOME!

HOME!!! I just had to say it again! after 4 years and 3 months this part of the journey is almost over and we can start to walk down the new road of learning to be a family... TOGETHER!

Praise God!

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