Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On His Shoulders

I was too excited and... well... slightly in shock, to share on Friday that we received word we were out of MOI! Two weeks and two days... WOW! In the four years we have been walking/running/stumbling along this road we have never seen quick movement like this.

Thursday night I was talking with a friend and expressing to her how my heart was hurting. I was crying and, quite frankly, whining about how tired I was of the wait. I told her how I had prayed for a sign from God we were getting to the end of this. That the wait would soon be over and we would be holding our daughter. My mind knows I shouldn't have been whining. I shouldn't be pleading for a "sign." God has been more than generous with me and my cry-baby episodes over the four years and has made very clear that He has got this. But I was just like a tired toddler, who doesn't intend to pitch a fit, but is just overwhelmed and needs rest but won’t lie down and close its eyes. And just like a patient and loving parent, for the 100th time, God wrapped his arms around my trembling shoulders and soothed me with His sweet voice and answered my prayer for a sign with an email in the morning.

He didn't have to answer. There is so much more work to do in me. He could have let me wait and remember the things He has already taught me. But instead He acknowledged how worn out I am.

Now, this doesn't mean the wait is over, but the finish line is within sight. How I tremble typing that. We can see the finish line. There might still be a pit or a boulder in our way as we get there. But we can see it!

Our loving Daddy picked us up and put our tired bodies on his shoulders as the journey continues so that we can see the end. Telling us, yet again, that as each day brings us one day closer to holding her, "I got you. I got this. I will get you there."

Please continue to pray with us. We are now waiting for Nephtali's passport to be printed. Our prayer is that it is printed and completed this week. If it is printed this week or next we could still be looking at bringing Nephtali home for her birthday (mid-May)!

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