Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday the earth moved in Haiti again and fear and worry welled up in the hearts of the people. Many spent the night outside away from the comfort of their beds, sleeping in the hope that they would be safer away from the walls that would otherwise shelter them. Movement. So many emotions can come from it.

In Haiti, while they wish for the earth not to move, they wish for the government to move.  God's sons and daughters pray for movement in the hearts and lives of the Haitian people. That they may move toward the saving grace of our Lord and Savior and move away from voodoo. Families watch for movement of papers filled with signatures and stamps from one office to another on fragile nerves.

All these things are tied together with one thing, God.

Let's lift up our prayers that these things be like dominoes causing a chain reaction. Let the hearts of the people turn and reach for their Savior. Moving people to reaching out to help each other one by one with food, education, shelter, and love.  Moving leaders who have the heart of the people in mind to be raised up. Moving adoption paperwork and making it flow and families to be made whole.  Causing more children to be raised up for our Lord. Causing more voices to spread the Word of His love. Moving more hearts of the people to turn to God.

We received word last week that the names of the families who received dispensations were still sitting on a desk, but not to give up hope.  We will never give up hope not when we have a God that can move mountains!


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  1. Your story is absolutely beautiful... for your hope is in our great God!! Thank-you for sharing your story with others!! I will be praying for you & your family (including your sweet Nephtali in Haiti!)!