Saturday, April 30, 2011

Megaphones Needed

We shared with many of you already the wonderful news that our Dossier should come together in a matter of weeks instead of the months we were expecting and that means it should be in Haiti in less then 2 months!

Right now the Haitian government seems to be on a fast streak and has been approving some families with in a couple months when that part of the process is estimated at a year. The hope is that with getting our Dossier in faster we might catch this fast streak and bring our daughter home all the sooner! We are scrambling around for a CPA, licensed psychiatrist, wellness check by a MD and a place to get lab work done that might either have low fees or possibly lower their fees to help save every penny we can.

Speaking of pennies that brings me to another prayer request!

Because we are now trying to do this in such a short time frame instead of several months we now need to raise around $3500 RIGHT AWAY! We have been praying hard and know our God is big enough. We know this goal can be reached through prayer, hard work, and the help of our friends and family!

I have asked many of you if you would be willing to share our story before and I am asking again. Can you share ? Can you pray? Could you ask your church to pray? Can you facebook our story and need? Can you donate? Can you shout our need from the top of your house with a megaphone? Anyway you can help us get the word out and get the money we need in such a short time would mean so much to us!

If you know someone who might want to donate but doesn't like to use pay pal we will pass along our address or the address of the adoption agency. Please hit your knees and grab your megaphones and shout......Please help bring Nephtali home!!!!!

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  1. Nicky, I'm so excited that you may be getting your little girl even sooner! I will be praying and will share your story with others. I love you all, even if we've never met!