Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Missing her so much today. Can't find the words to express this feeling. A hole so deep there doesn't seem to be a bottom to it. And ache so intense you're almost paralyzed. Going to go spend some time quiet in the Word with my heavenly Daddy. He understands this pain, this ache, this longing all too well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meeting My Butterfly

It was a long hard wait, but I finally got to meet my butterfly. And before we left, we made her a promise...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mama Gets to Meet Her Little Girl


Wrap all those words up with a big pretty bow and you have what I am feeling right now.

This was a path set by God, perfectly formed and chosen, before it ever was a thought in our minds.

A first meeting.
A first hug.
To hear her beating heart for the first time.
To watch her little chest rise and fall as she sleeps.
To hold her hand for the first time.
To look in those deep brown eyes.
Knowing she has a past but looking forward to our future.
A first real glimpse of what our family is becoming.

I have loved this little girl for so many years now. I am almost immobilized from my emotions. In just a few hours all of the above will be happening.

God is so good!

We are off to Haiti

Will my heart break when I have to leave for home? I can't even imagine the pain I will feel or the tears I am going to cry. I'm sure I will. But I know where to turn and where to look ahead to.

The joy and the promise that the Lord has laid in the folds of our heart. The giving of ourselves as parents, the growing of a family... God has made it perfectly clear that this is all part of His plan for our lives.