Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We need your help! Spread the word! It's an S.O.S!!!
Sale on Saturday!!

Get ready for another great day of new bargains and an opportunity to help us raise some funds for Nephtali's adoption!

This Saturday from 7:30 to 4pm at 1737 SW Amhurst Rd
(If it rains we will move the date to the following
Saturday, June 11th).

Please pass along the message to your family, friends, church and anyone else you can.

We will have...

Furniture (beds, bookshelves, table and more)
kids car beds
household ( Tupperware, ice cream maker, and more) Computers , TV, and other electronics
Kids toys ( Fisher price, Playskool , Little Tikes and more)
TONS and TONS of name brand clothes! ( kids, teens, womens and mens of all sizes)
Most only .50 to $1!!

There something for everyone....
even a MiniVan !!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Waiting on One More Thing So We Can Begin Waiting

Does that sound strange?

Most of the adoption process here at home is waiting and then waiting some more. Which is followed up by a good old fashioned dose of waiting.

Right now we are waiting for one more document for our dossier. Given that it is coming from the federal government it doesn't surprise us that its the last one we need and even though we are told every other day its should be done in a day, here we are still waiting.
Once that document is here we will be shipping our dossier off to Colorado and wait while the adoption agency goes over it with a fine tooth comb and translates it into French/creole.

When they are done they ship it off to Haiti and the real waiting begins!!! This last wait will be one of the hardest to do. There is no time line, no numbers to call and check, just time going by, day by day.

But each day will be a day to lift up our prayers to God. Each day, no matter how many go by, will be one day closer to bringing her home. We will fill them with faith in God's word and hope is the day we receive the words "you've been approved."

Until then we wait.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Growing Up in Pictures

Nephtali, age 3

Nephtali,  age 6

Being a mom or a dad watching your child reach the various milestones in their life is an experience that fills you with so much pride you feel like you will burst. Every little thing brings joy to your heart, even on those days when its comes after the messes are cleaned up and the sun is going down.

Plain and simple... it hurts to know our little is growing up. And for us she is growing up in pictures. 

So far she has grown up...

Without a dad to wrap his strong arms around her when her belly hurts.
Without a mom to kiss her boo-boos.
Without a dad to hold her tight when bad dreams come in the night.
Without a mom to fix her hair and tell her she is a beautiful young lady.
Without a dad to ask for a dance when she hears music made for a princess.
Without a mom to whom she can run when she is proud of a drawing she has done.
Without a dad to sneak her a treat just before dinner because she batted her big brown eyes.

And she's not the only one who's missed out. So far, we've...

Missed her first steps.
Missed potty training.
Missed her first twirl in a pretty dress.
Missed her first day of school.

And even though we get closer each day I can't help but stop and wonder ....

Will we miss her first loose tooth?
Will we miss her learning to read?
Will we miss the day she decides she is a "big girl" now?

Its so hard having your baby grow up in pictures. But through it all there is one thing that doesn't change...


Though she doesn't have a mommy or daddy with her there in Haiti, she has a mommy and a daddy here. Praying for her, fighting for her, loving her with each heart beat, each moment of each day.

And even though we have missed so much, and might miss even more, these things are happening and that means she is growing each day. Growing stronger, smarter, closer to our arms each day.

And when she is here in our home, in our arms, we can look forward to experiencing... together...

Her first sleep in a home all her own
Her first family photo
Her first family dinner
Her first taste of Brussels sprouts or Lima beans
Her first spat with a sibling
Her first real birthday party
Her first time to a zoo or park
Her excepting Christ as her Savior
Her first time driving
Her graduation
Her first love
Her marriage
Her first child

,,,and so so much more when our family is whole and she grows up in our arms along with our hearts instead of just pictures.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God in the Details

Talk about God making himself known!

For those of you who have been following our adoption journey, you had heard that we were struggling to find a psychiatrist to meet with us and provide a document we need on short notice. After much searching we found one.

When we met with Dr. Mark this afternoon we told him our whole story, being sure not to leave out God's hand at work. He was receptive and kind, not rolling his eyes at the mentions of Jesus and faith (as honestly, I expected from a psychiatrist). When we were done, he pulled up a photo on his laptop and said, "you guys aren't going to believe this" as he opened up a little about himself.

As it turns out, he is also a follower of Jesus and he too, has been to and has a heart for Haiti. So he was able to relate and understand our hearts' desires. When we spoke of Haiti he wasn't imagining a far off land seen only on CNN. He was remembering and recalling his own personal experiences. He is part of a new orphanage project in the mountains of Haiti and has a special 'friend' there named Fundi (pictured here with Dr. Mark).

And there was more from God... you see, Nick and I were able to provide information that will likely help their orphanage as they try to build a safe haven for the children God has placed in their care.

God is so awesome. I can't help but praise Him and thank him for my new friend, Dr. Mark.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blessing and a Third Grade Hug

It's amazing how God provides! Throughout the last few weeks we were meeting up with friends and picking up their donations for the garage sale adoption fundraiser. Before the sun rose we were out setting up and if you know our family we do not like to do anything early in the AM. But our hearts were happy as we through on some warm clothes and got ready. The morning was slow but when the sun finally poked its lazy head out and warmed the air it brought the people we needed.

It was so wonderful to meet so many people who's lives have been touched by adoption and so many kind souls here in Topeka. What a great community our little girl is going to be coming home to. One little boy really touched our hearts that day and Jeremiah if your family reads this they can let you know Nephtali will know you helped, because we will never forget that you helped. You brightened our day and lifted our hearts as we watched your joy overflow and you also gave one awesome third grade hug!

As the afternoon started to draw to a close and evening snuck around the corner I had to stop and take in everything. God used a few fish and some loaves and gave us a banquet that fed a great need and there was still left overs for the next time.

Thank you everyone for your generosity. Thank you for your donations of items, your time, you funds, your stories, and your smiles. Through this day, filled so many blessings, we were able to raise a third of the lawyers fees.

Everything that was left over has been tucked away and along with donations of more items that have already been offered we will have another go of it in a couple weeks and see how close we can get to covering the rest of the lawyers fees.

Again thank you, thank you for helping us bring Nephtali home.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Birthday

Today is Nephtali's Birthday. Our little girl turns six. Today she will go to school. Today she will eat one or two meals of beans and rice. Today she might bathe in a bucket of water. Today she might run barefoot in the dusty field. There will be no balloons, no cake, or brightly colored wrapping paper hiding some surprise gift. No party or shouts of "Happy Birthday", at least not Haiti.

Today, as we miss our little girl, we will celebrate. We will shout with joy for the day she was born. Thanking God for knitting her in her mothers womb. Thanking God for His provisions that saved her life the day she was brought to the orphanage. Praising His goodness for giving her these six years. Thanking Him for her smile , her giggle, and her precious little voice that fills our hearts with such joy.

Maybe we'll play some praise music and dance in our home. She will surround us as we dance. She is here in the collages of our family. She is here on our fridge in crayon drawings she drew for me and sent home with her papa Erin. She is here in the drawings her sister Ivy has made of them hugging and playing. She is here as her little brother prays each night "help Nephtali come home soon".

Even though she is miles away in Haiti, she is here in our home. These things don't help shorten the distance but in some small way she is here and I am praying she feels our love and the joy we feel celebrating our beautiful six-year-old daughter.

Happy Birthday, Nephtali

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yard Sale for Nephtali!!

...as we work to bring our treasure home!

Come get some GREAT deals and help us raise the money needed to bring our daughter home!!

Saturday the 14th
7:30am to 4pm

1737 SW Amhurst Rd (corner of 17th and Fairlawn)

  • computers and laptop
  • printers, scanners and other electronics
  • grill, bread machine and lots of other household items
  • video games, 
  • little tikes and Fisher Price toys and much more
  • Play house
  • China set with silverware and crystal
  • bedding
  • Name brand clothing clothing 
  • collectibles
  • homemade hair accessories

just to name a few great deals you will find!

Some items even new in box!!

Gift baskets and drawings also!!