Monday, June 18, 2012

A Daddy and a Daughter

Yesterday was Father's day. A day filled with hugs, smiles, and laughter and in some houses a few tears. My husband was surrounded by five beautiful children that showered him in love. But this Father's day, one was still missing... Nephtali. Some days we lose our breath speaking her name. Yesterday was one of those days.

It is said a daddy keeps his child close. And I know, just as I have, my husband left part of his heart there in Haiti, in the heart of a little girl. Yesterday we updated the pictures of all six of our children on the wall. We had a meal of Haitian spaghetti and reminisced about our time spent with her this past December. We held hands and prayed for her and this long road home. She was here with us... close... in the best way that we could.

There is something special about a daddy. A real daddy. They are our heroes. They are our rocks. They are our teachers. They listen. They create memories. They stretch us. They are our security. Their love is unconditional. We feel it every time we call out, Abba, to our heavenly Father. He is special. He is our Daddy.

And even if there is not a legal sheet of paper yet, even if she lives miles away over an ocean, my husband is and forever will be Nepthali's Daddy.

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