Thursday, February 9, 2012

On Our Knees

We, along with a few other families, received word today from our adoption agency, CCAI, regarding the presidential dispensations that we are needing. The presidential dispensation is the approval we need from President Martelly of Haiti to adopt.

There are several reasons why A family would need this; for us it is because we already have biological children. As you can imagine, President Martelly has several things on his plate and has not been signing dispensation very often. The last bunch he did was Dec 26 and we are till waiting to hear if we were one of them.

Erin was told that the names of those who have been "recently approved"will be released when ISESR gets them (at the end of the month, hopefully) and IBESR approval for those families should soon follow.

If we were not in this bunch it could be another 6 months, or more, before President Martelly signs more dispensations.

Please join our family in prayer that we are indeed one of the families that have received their dispensation and we can quickly move out of IBESR and on to the next step.

Each day, if we come to mind , please lift your voice, get down on your knees, and help us bring Nephtali home!

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