Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Extended Hugs and Kisses

 This January there have been 2 teams that have visited Lifeline. On the first team was 2 amazing young ladies that will be staying at the orphanage for a while. One, Leah, for a little bit.  The other, Emily, for a year. Between the teams, Leah, and Emily going down to be God's hands and feet we have been blessed with a few new pictures of Nephtali. What a blessing it has been to know our little girl has so many arms to hold her and loving hearts to watch over her and the other children.

Tomorrow a third team will be heading down to Haiti. This team will have some very close and special friends going. Including one mommy meeting her daughter for the first time. They will bring our daughter some pictures we had printed from our trip this past December to add to her photo album, a t-shirt with one of those pictures printed on it, and lots of hugs and kisses. I sure wish I could be going with them, but what a smile it does bring to my face to know again she is covered in love and prayers and will be told how much her mommy and Daddy miss her and are praying for her to come home soon.

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