Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set...GO!!

The "waiting race" is now off to an official start. We received word yesterday that our paperwork has been received by IBESR. It will now be four months to a year before we receive word.

It's funny how a sentence can make you smile and frown all at once. The thought that we are one step closer - that if it all goes smoothly and on the short track we could be celebrating our daughters 7th birthday by bringing her home - makes my heart smile soooo big!! But the thought of having to wait another year, which would bring this journey to over 4 yrs, puts such a lump in my throat.

The next four months will luckily be blessed with holidays, our trip to Haiti to file paperwork and for me to feel the arms of Jesus through the tiny dark arms of Nephtali wrapped around my neck, and then birthday celebrations. But, wow, is the end of February going to be hard.

As a gardener, February always gives me such pains. I can't wait to get my hands in the rich soil and start the miracle of new growth. As a person with lazy circulation, the thought of not having to wear six pairs of socks on my feet soon makes me want to dance!

And now we will add the flutter of butterflies in our tummies as we keep praying hard that maybe along with the promise of spring will come our beautiful Haitian flower coming home to be planted in the garden of our cozy family!

Heavenly Father, please hear our cry! IF its your will, bring our baby girl home as fast as you can!

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