Thursday, July 14, 2011

Which Precious Face?

This past weekend Haiti Lifeline Ministries had its first sponsorship event. Many dear friends put in countless hours to fine tune this event into a beautiful evening. We were blessed to have Nicole Dieudonne (the director of Centre Children International Lifeline d'Haiti orphanage) and her husband Daniel come from Haiti and stay in Topeka while they were visiting their own children here in the states this past weekend.

It felt so good to wrap our arms around them, to laugh together, to cry together and to praise God together. We were able to sit and start making some basic plans for our trip down to the orphanage this late summer/early fall  to sign some paperwork and, most importantly for me, to meet and hold our little girl. For now, I sent a hug back with Nicole to give to Nephtali and a whisper in her ear to tell her her mama loves her very much.

And though this night was filled with so much joy and so many accomplishments, there is such poverty and hopelessness in Haiti. Plain and simple there is so much more work to do. Not every one can go. Not everyone can adopt. But we can all give. Each of us and give time, our prayers and our resources and help the fatherless and those who fight to help them.

Could you please take a moment to look through the faces of the children of Lifeline Orphanage. There are about 75 children living there right now. 75 children in need of food. 75 children in need of education. 75 children in need of  health care. 75 children in need of a prayer angel.

Look at their precious faces. Maybe one of these children is whom you are called to pray for each day.  Maybe one of these children is the one who you are called to sponsor. Maybe one of these children is meant to be part of your family. Maybe, just maybe... so please give a few minutes of your time and take a look... and make a difference in a life.

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