Monday, March 7, 2011

My Garden

The first day of spring is only 12 days away. Spring, beautiful spring! Warmer sunny weather, plants waking up from their long slumber, birds singing their sweet songs , seeds sprouting , newborn critters. But it's not magic. Its not all going to just "happen" on March 20th. It's a slow process that happens day by day. Sometimes that change is so slow we can't really see it happen until it's happened. But we know it will. God has promised us these changes. We can be assured that spring will come.

As spring fever hits our home and the kids minds are filled with visions of sunny days, mud puddles, parks, gardening, riding bikes and so much more, I have felt a hole in my heart grow a little bigger.

You see, in my heart is a beautiful garden and when I look at it, I can't help but smile.

I see my husband, the sturdy Oak, in the back of the garden. His branches stretched out providing shelter, food and comfort and growing a little closer to God each year.

I see a young sapling that has sprung from the oak. His trunk is still a little green and sometimes bends with the gust of a strong wind but his roots are strong and and some day he will grow and bare fruit.

I see a tall sunflower with a bright and shining face turned toward the heavens filled with lots of little seeds getting ready to provide for others' needs and grow other flowers for God's use and Glory.

I see a happy daisy that brings a smile to my face. There is always the sound of giggles coming from her that brings joy to my heart, even on the hardest of days.

Next, there is the morning glory who wraps her self around your heart. She starts each day opening herself to God's light and taking in His nourishment so she can grow stronger and spread her vines further. Closer to the ground you will see a Lamb's ear plant. Such a strong little plant, but whose leaves are so inviting and soft you can't help but bend down to touch them.

Keep looking; we aren't done! Do you see it? It's that hole I was talking about. Right there in the garden is a hole in the dirt. It was dug just the right size and depth waiting for something. God has a little rose bush with dark silky petals that will fit perfectly in that hole. Her name is Nephtali.

If you close your eyes you can see her there in the garden with the rest. What a beautiful picture! Everyone growing together at the hands of our heavenly Father, our gardener.

Sometimes I wish I could keep my eyes closed. But I can't. I have to open them . I have to face seeing that hole and the sadness it brings to me some days. But God understands and has given me His word

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

Because of His Word I know that hole is a good thing. And though I can feel that it has become a little bigger as another season comes and I still wait for my daughter, I know I can trust God.

I can stop every so often and close my eyes and see what can not be seen... my garden... complete. My faith is in Him. He is the one caring for His plants, providing for their needs, and smiling at what a beautiful garden He is creating.

So as spring comes and I await all the changes, I will wait with His Word in my heart and be sure of the work He is doing in our garden.